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Let's unleash your purpose driven life
with focused mindset

If you don't know,
it's time to grow.

Elaine Davies

I'm Elaine Davies and for a long time, my motto has been,
if you don't know, then it's time to grow...

Be it expected or unexpected, if a huge life change or internal shift has left you overwhelmed and exhausted, let's talk.  I’m passionate about using my skills to guide you from feeling stuck to once again, living a life of purpose and passion. 


...can all temporarily leave you feeling like an

deflated balloon. BUT these painful stages

can be exciting new beginnings in disguise.


The outcome is up to you.

As for the above list, I’ve been there for every single one of them. What I’ve learnt, in over 20+ years of working with mindset, is that no one can rescue me but me. To get there, I have worked with great (and not so great) mentors and coaches who opened up speedy and exciting routes to rediscovering my happiness and purpose.


That’s what I will do for you. 


So, how do you get from deflated to exciting new beginnings?

  • What is stopping you from seizing the day?

  • From living your life of passion and purpose that you deserve?


Accepting that you and only you are in charge of how you feel, is a major step to getting your life back on purpose and feeling excited to be alive.

As Lucy says…

After eight-weeks working with Elaine I  have unearthed an idea that has been sitting around in me for a long time wanting to come out - in short I've had a breakthrough! 

I loved her reframing exercises and found her meditations particularly powerful. I also particularly liked how Elaine always paused for my reflections and questions but kept me firmly on track. 


The 8-weeks flew by and I feel truly energised by what I am starting to create. 


I have walked away with a purpose in mind, a plan to bring it to light and a lot more energy to ensure I can do what's needed.  


Highly recommend. 


Hi there, 





You bet that:

  • Divorce

  • Grief

  • A loved one coming out as LGBTQ+

  • Losing a job

  • Kids coming along or leaving home

  • Hurtling along a life trajectory that you no longer want...

How We Help

Feeling valued, on purpose and excited about life should be a given but far too many people drag themselves through their daily life. If you're one of them, it doesn't have to be that way.  


In 2023, what kind of human do you want to be? Grab a pen and paper. What three words come to mind?


Got them?

Write them down.

Great work!


Let's lock in your true values and visions so that they become second nature. At the same time, let's say farewell to useless thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Remember when you were full of joy, creativity, clarity and energy?


Let's unleash that person on the world again with our 8-session programme "5-Pillars To Living On Purpose" or traditional coaching.

If you don't know, it's time to grow.

What We Do

Live Purpose

We enable you to join the dots between where you are now and the life you really want. Dig deep and unleash your individual purpose and joy onto your loved ones.

Live Exuberance

Internal sabotages can be so deep set, that you feel they are innate as opposed to learnt. Replace old programming with your true beliefs around your sense of self-worth and abilities.

Live Structure

Linking strategic steps to your true values will open up a clear path to achieving your goals.

Structure, through traditional coaching, is your path to exuberance.

Live Guidance

Knowing something about yourself is very different to believing it. Peel back the layers to reveal your true self. Without mindset, skillsets are purely academic.